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Ji'nan Heng Xu Test Machine Technology Co., Ltd.
Heng Xu testing machine, tree industry benchmarking, set up industry classics.

Heng Xu concentrating on the testing machine industry for many years, has rich experience in testing machine technology, and is a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales.

Heng Xu, in the quality of the product, everything is good.

The company focuses on the development of new material testing machine, innovation of testing technology and material testing methods, and is the leading technology test machine manufacturer in China.

Strong company strength, let you choose no worry

The company has gathered the top material mechanics test machine structure design expert, professional tribology test technical project research design expert, special engineer and laboratory testing equipment analysis expert to provide lasting power for the development of the company.

Perfect after-sales service to provide customers with all-round services.

We should put the customer's needs in the first place, but we must be higher than the customer's needs and put the idea through the products' R & D, production, installation, sales and after-sales service.

Ji'nan Heng Xu Test Machine Technology Co., Ltd.
Ji'nan Heng Xu Test Machine Technology Co., Ltd.

Jinan HengXu Testing Machine Technology Co. (Ltd) is a high-tech enterprise integrated with professional R & D, production and sales. The company is formed by the technology research and development center of Heng Xu test machine. It specializes in providing test machine technical support for testing machine enterprises and special users. The technology of high

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